Graveyard residence
Soldiers Graves
Bunker N205
Fotified Kiev
Iron bunker
Flooded Bunker
Digging in road
Cool six-shooter
Lake Bunker
Appearance of Scooturo
Garbage pit
Enchanted bottle
Sophocles advice
Haunted hills
Ivan Kupala
On Defence Line
Scooturo Casualty
General Vlasov
Digging in marsh
Munitions & Bones
Das Reich
Deaths Head ring
Korsun battlefield
Iron Cross
Ukrainian Anarchists
Witches Sabbath
My Trophies
Baby Yar
Luteg beachhead
Author Page

Writing is just a hobby of mine. I don't have any commercial interest with this site, neither I sell a war relics.

"The Serpent's Wall" is my summer 2004 project. I got a new toy, a cool metal detector and I spent summer in camps, visiting historic places, looking for treasures.... unfortunately, I didn't find a "Death Head" ring or anything really valuable, but with multitude of other foundings I got matherial for this site.

In next summer if I have means, then I will join our russian collegues for couple of weeks of digging in Stalingrad. I shall bring photos.

here is hastily composed photoreportage called "stolen election" it is about social unrest that followed our recent election... if interested in Chernobyl thematic, check out my earlier work GHOST TOWN

My latest effort is a series of short stories offered under the group title "GULAG TALES - ECHOES OF TRAPPED VOICES" These stories are about prison life during the times of the late U.S.S.R and after collapse. Each story is a based on a tale heard from a convict I met while visiting our city prison. At the age of 18, my volunteer, humanitarian visits to the prison, and the stories I heard, made a strong impression on me. All of this has lived within me for a several years. Only now do I feel strong enough to open my heart and let the dark demons fly. I've held them inside for too long.


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